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4 Steps to the Perfect DIY Body Scrub Packaging

Last updated: 09-07-2021

Packaging is the last step in creating a great DIY sugar scrub, but it shouldn’t be a last-minute thought.  Your body scrub packaging sets the tone for the care that was put into the product inside. 

I’ve spent twenty years developing packaging for consumer products, many of them on a tight budget. Here are four simple steps to consider when designing your own body scrub packaging. 

DIY Body Scrub Packaging

A note about gift packaging

When receiving a sugar scrub as a gift, most people evaluate the quality based on first impressions—by what it looks like from the outside. Recipients are much more likely to proudly display and regularly use a DIY sugar scrub that is gifted in beautiful, professional packaging than one that looks like it was thrown together. 

And, sometimes the only difference between a DIY scrub and a retail scrub that sells for $40-$80 is the packaging design.

But don’t think that means you have to spend a fortune on your packaging. Being mindful of the little details can have a big impact on the presentation without breaking the bank. So, let’s get started.

Everything you need to make homemade sugar scrubs

Make your own DIY body scrub

Choose a Theme

First and foremost you should know that you don’t have to be or hire a graphic designer to create beautiful body scrub packaging.  You simply have to put time and care into the materials you choose.  And keep it simple. The best packaging reflects your own personal style.

As you choose the type of packaging you would like to use, first choose a theme.  Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to showcase that your scrub is eco-friendly and vegan?
  • Do you want it to feel lavishly appointed?
  • Or, should it be minimalist and modern? 

Color & material

Eco-friendly packaging should be grounded in neutral colors and materials (and absolutely no plastic!) For luxe packaging you might consider metallic containers with bold colors.

And, for modern and minimalistic, less is more. Straight glass containers with a simple color palette and fonts do the trick.  Speaking of fonts, always remember NO COMIC SANS!

Helpful Hint: One of the best ways to determine your packaging style is to consider your favorite skincare packaging and take inspiration from it (but not copy it).

Find your scrub containers

When you choose a container make sure it’s airtight and watertight to keep unwanted odors and moisture out.  When stored correctly your scrub can last for weeks and even months.

Sugar scrub jars come in different colors, shapes and sizes. The most common options include amber glass jars, frosted glass, and clear glass with a lid. To kick it up a notch, consider different jar lid colors and materials to match the season or décor.

A cost effective and alternative option to glass, is a food-grade zipper pouch. Pouches come in many different sizes and colors and they travel well.

Furthermore, you may want to include a scoop that fits inside the container—you can even consider a decorative scoop for extra “wow” factor. 

Choose a label

If there is one thing you don’t want to forget, it’s labeling your product.

When it comes to great labels for sugar scrubs, less is more. You can find templates and free labels on Pinterest and Photoshop. However, if you want to try your hand at design, the business card or flyer templates on Canva,, and can easily be customized with your design.

And, of course, you can always print online or print at home.

One cost effective trick to prevent having to create a label for every flavor is to create a signature label for your sugar scrubs and leave a place to handwrite in your ingredients or scrub name. 

Finally, make sure the label is water-resistant and experiment with different label placements.

Wrap it Up

Before you give your DIY sugar scrub away you may want to consider wrapping it in a gift box with tissue or filler and topped with a bow. Or, slip it into a drawstring cloth bag and stamp it with a personalized stamp. These extra touches enhance the unboxing experience and elevate it from homemade to handcrafted with a few extra little steps! 

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