Easy DIY Face Mask: French Rose Clay

Easy DIY face mask for sensitive skin.
French Pink Clay Face Mask pinit
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Buy the ingredients in this recipe:

French Pink Clay

Rose Powder

Zinc Oxide Powder

Rose Essential Oil

Easy DIY Face Mask: French Rose Clay


This easy DIY face mask with French Pink Clay exfoliates, cleanses, softens, and smoothes; it’s well-suited to sensitive and mature skin too.



  1. Stir the dry ingredients together and store them in an airtight container until ready to use.

  2. To use: add enough water to moisten the powder into a smooth consistency. Stir in essential oil if using.
  3. Apply the mask to clean wet skin and leave for 15 minutes.

  4. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry with a towel. 

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