Matcha Sugar Scrub Recipe

Make your own matcha sugar scrub with this easy DIY recipe! In just a few simple steps you can make an all-natural, luxurious skin exfoliator that will leave you with glowing and healthy skin.
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Green tea has been used in beauty regimens for thousands of years. Not only has it been shown to help delay or reduce signs of aging and wrinkles, but it’s also excellent for exfoliation, hydration, and softer skin too.

A matcha sugar scrub makes a great handmade gift. It is very simple to make and will keep in a tightly closed decorative airtight jar for up to 6 months. Visit the body scrub packaging guide, to discover unique ways to package your scrub for gifting, selling, or self-use.

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Unsure if a matcha sugar scrub is right for you? Read our article about the benefits of using a matcha green tea scrub in your skincare routine.

Ingredients used in this recipe:

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Matcha Sugar Scrub Recipe


Make a unique and natural sugar scrub with matcha at home! This easy-to-follow recipe will have you pampering your skin with a luxurious matcha scrub in no time.



  1. Mix dry ingredients

    In a medium-sized bowl, mix together the sugar, matcha green tea powder, and green tea leaves, if using.

  2. Add oil

    Slowly add one tablespoon of jojoba oil to start, and increase it gradually to get to the desired consistency.

    If using coconut oil, melt the coconut oil on the stovetop in a water bath. Once melted, pour into the bowl with the sugar and tea and mix well.

  3. Package until ready to use

    Scoop the mix into an 8-ounce jar or two 4-ounce jars. Seal the jar with an airtight lid.

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