How to use aromatherapy oils for stress relief
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How To Use Aromatherapy Oils For Stress Relief

Life is chaotic.

Deadlines, meetings, kids, spouses, obligations and more can really be stressful. With little time to decompress, all that stress continues to build until your body can’t take it anymore and shuts down by either getting sick or too tired to do anything.

If you feel that you’re too busy to even book a massage appointment, don’t fret because there is something you can do for stress relief that requires little to no down time and that’s using aromatherapy oils to relax. These oils have natural properties that help your body feel calm so that you can establish a daily ritual for relaxation at home or at the office.

Here are few essential oils that will help you relax and de-stress in a matter of minutes:

How to use aromatherapy oils for stress relief

1. Chamomile

You’ve probably enjoyed a cup of chamomile tea before and noticed how you relaxed right after. Well, chamomile oil produces the same effect and has been a natural aid for insomnia for centuries. Many use this oil for its calming and sedative effects, so creating an aromatherapy spritzer (a mixture of distilled water and essential oils in a spray mister bottle) will allow you to relax anywhere. Just lightly mist a few sprays on your face and neck and you’ll soon start to feel relaxed.

2. Lavender

Lavender is often used in spas and relaxation places for its stress reducing properties. It has been shown to reduce migraines, decrease high blood pressure, stimulate memory, treat anxiety and insomnia and improves one’s breathing. Many love its calming effects and like to use the oil in a vaporizer or a diffuser they have at the office or at home.

3. Jasmine

Another essential oil to use when in need of stress relief is Jasmine since it is known to soothe the nerves, reduces anxieties, treats depression and restores energy. It also blends well with other essential oils used to promote relaxation, such as lavender, cypress, sandalwood, rose and bergamot.

4. Frankincense

Frankincense oil has soother properties for ones nervous system and helps clear the mind, promoting deeper breathing for relaxation. Use a few drops in a foot bath by soaking your feet in a tub of water for the ultimate calming experience when you have a few minutes to spare.

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5. Bergamot

The peel of the bergamot fruit is often cold pressed and extracted to lift the fresh, sweet citrus scent. This is another oil that blends well with other essential oils to enhance your mood and promote relaxation. Just pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey tea, which is a black tea blended with oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange to experience its calming effects.

You don’t need very much to feel relaxed when you know what aromatherapy oils to use and the great thing is you can carry them around with you anywhere for a bit of R&R on the go!

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