Everything you need to make homemade sugar scrubs

Everything You Need To Make Homemade Sugar Scrubs

At the spa, sugar scrubs are used to heal, repair, and give life to areas of your body that need pampering.  However, spas aren’t the only place to indulge in the luscious goodness of sugar scrubs—many people use them at home as well.  In fact, homemade sugar scrubs can be crafted right in your very own kitchen with ingredients you may already have on hand. 

It’s simple, fun, and a great way to express your creativity while taking care of your body too.

If you’re curious about diving into simple homemade sugar scrubs, you’ll need to understand the basic ingredients.  Sugar, oils, scents, and natural colorants all play a role in creating a pure and natural product at home.

Everything you need to make homemade sugar scrubs


It goes without saying that the main ingredient in homemade sugar scrubs is, in fact, sugar. 

Sugar penetrates the surface of your skin to exfoliate away your dead skin cells leaving you feeling soft and with an entrancing glow.  Furthermore, the sugar naturally increases the rate of cell turnover in your skin. Think silky soft arms, legs, feet (and yes, even bum).

Choosing the best sugar for your sugar scrub

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Along with the main ingredient, sugar, all homemade sugar scrubs need a naturally beneficial carrier that assists in spreading and lathering the scrub into the skin. 

Carrier oils are oils made from natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and other plants. 

Typically, their organic benefits include moisturizing the skin, creating a barrier against toxic elements in the environment, and carrying other ingredients into the skin. To create homemade sugar scrubs, the most common carrier oils used are coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil, and almond oil.

The best carrier oil for your sugar scrub

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One of the most luxurious elements of a sugar scrub is the way it smells. When you put it on. And how the scent lingers long after you’ve rinsed it off. When creating a sugar scrub at home, add scents with natural essential oils that also offer other benefits to your skin.

Lavender, peppermint, lemon, tea tree, grapefruit, and sandalwood all offer benefits as well as aromatic pleasure.

Adding essential oils to your sugar scrub

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Natural colorant

When it comes to pampering yourself, don’t overlook the importance of the aesthetic. Handmade products should look just as beautiful as they make you feel. A few simple & natural colorant solutions for your homemade sugar scrubs include:

How to add natural colorants to your sugar scrub

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The final ingredient in creating the perfect sugar scrub is gorgeous packaging.  Homemade sugar scrubs can stay fresh in a sealed container for up to a few months.

Choose a decorative jar with a tight fitting lid, custom label, and beautiful ribbon to give your sugar scrubs a perfect handcrafted look. It’s the perfect artisan gift (even if it is just for yourself).

How to choose the perfect packaging for your sugar scrub

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