3 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work

3 Ways To Boost Happiness At Work

As a busy professional it’s important to take time for yourself.

Being constantly connected and on the go can leave you feeling exhausted and over time can be destructive to your health, relationships, and career.

Many successful leaders are turning to simple mindful techniques that are easy to fit into a daily routine. Try them and you’ll be left feeling relaxed, recharged, and able to achieve your goals without sacrificing yourself.

Here are three ways to help you practice mindfulness and boost happiness at work:


1. Keep a small journal with you and if you’re feeling stressed write down what you’re worried about or what’s distracting you.

By acknowledging the issues, you take control.

Don’t let the problem escalate and don’t start thinking of solutions in the heat of the moment. Simply jot it down on paper, take notice of how it makes you feel, and then let it go.

You might even want to crumple up the paper, physically tossing away the worry.

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2. Take three­-minute breathing breaks, in which you think of nothing other than your breathing.

Take these breaks several times a day.

Fit them in each time you’re about to get up to get a cup of tea, or right before you’re ready to get on a conference call with a client. You can even set the phone alarm every two or three hours as a reminder.

The breathing breaks will clear the noise out of your head and help you feel calm, confident, and ready to make smart decisions.

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3. Take a walk. That might sound tough to do in the middle of a hectic day, but how about scheduling your next meeting out of the office?

For example, instead of holding your next one­-on­-one meeting with a team member in your office, suggest meeting at the café down the street.

Walk silently to the meeting by yourself and that idea that’s been escaping you all day? It just might find you while you’re outside listening to a bird or simply breathing in the fresh air.

Practicing these short focused moments doesn’t require any special equipment and can do wonders for your mood, which will help you be your best both at work and at home.

3 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work

What are some of the ways you boost happiness at work? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Great tips to live by! I also find that my motivation at work is boosted when I’m in a clean work environment. I always make a point to clear off my desk each day, and my job is also great at keeping the whole building clean too (I live for when we get our carpets cleaned. Little things make a big difference!

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